Are you paying attention? ACLU wants EVERY vote counted


The ACLU used to protect civil rights although they were always far left.  They take many cases that chip away at American traditional values.

In February 2018, the ACLU admitted to turning into partisan activists. Then in June 2018, they said they would no longer defend ‘offensive’ speech. The one thing you could once count on was the ACLU would defend free speech, but no longer.

Today, they announced on Twitter, “BREAKING: We are joining a lawsuit to stop the Trump campaign from trying to illegally throw out votes in Pennsylvania. Every vote counts. Voters decide the winner.”

Whaaat? NOOOO! Every vote does not count. Every legal vote counts. The ACLU can take their threats and buzz off.

We are Russia now, between a major civil rights organization fighting against free speech, and our media trying to outdo Pravda with propaganda. One of the pollsters who put out false presidential polls now says 80% of the people and half of the GOP want Trump to concede. The Reuters/Ipsos national opinion survey made the claim.

Does anyone trust these polls?

Every Republican I know wants him to check out the claims of election fraud.

Apparently, after making complete fools of themselves, the pollsters are still going to put out polls meant to manipulate the public.

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