Oligarch Zuckerberg spent $500 million to purchase government officials & election processes


The Amistad Project gave a presser today of major importance, but the media will not cover it. Mark Zuckerberg, an American oligarch, paid for election judges, satellite offices, the machines, the drop boxes, that undermined state law.
  • Mark Zuckerberg purchased local election officials.
  • More than $500 million swayed the election.
  • Dark money spurred the chaos in this election.

The Amistad project of the Thomas More Society explained in a presser today that the money pouring in from oligarch Mark Zuckerberg is effectively equivalent to a shadow government running our elections. His minions improperly influenced the election in favor of Mr. Biden.

Corporate elites and the media have tried to suppress this information.

Private funding purchased government officials and offices. The officials then allowed private Democrat organizations to explore the information of private individuals which they monetized for the benefit of the left.

They incentivized officials to violate federal election law.

The election was done under Zuckerberg’s plans.

This was the announcement of the presser:

The presser itself:

There is evidence:

They plan to do the same thing for the senatorial elections:

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