Omar lashes out at Tucker after his show, blames him for death threats


Rep. Ilhan Omar (D – Minn.) blasted Fox News’ Tucker Carlson in a tweet after he described her as “despicable” and “loathsome.” We don’t blame her for responding, but there is a reason he made the comments.

Brock-Soros Media Matters Deputy Director of Rapid Response Andrew Lawrence started the exchange, writing on Twitter:

“Tucker Carlson: Rep. Ilhan Omar ‘passionately hates the country,’ ‘can a single human being actually be as loathsome as Ilhan Omar is? It’s hard to believe. She’s like a parody of repulsiveness’.”

He linked to a video of Carlson’s commentary.

In the clip, Carlson appears outraged that Omar said the dismissal of former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn’s case by the Department of Justice was a matter of “white privilege.”

He also accused Omar of marrying her “own brother” in an immigration scam [lots of evidence for that]. He said that Omar seems to reduce every issue to a “vicious kind of race-baiting”, and quipped that the “RNC must have created her.”


Omar also likes to pretend anyone telling her what they think is a death threat or an incitement to a threat against her life. We don’t believe her since she has a history or lying and wants to silence her critics.

She tweeted:

“Tucker gets paid $6 million a year to stare into a camera and incite his followers to threaten the life of a sitting Member of Congress.

“There is a reason that every time Tucker does a segment on me death threats go up.“Corporate America, this is what your ads are bankrolling.”


She thinks he’s inciting people, but many of her opponents would say she’s inciting us with her anti-American and anti-Semitic comments. She also race-baits constantly as Tucker said, and appears to hate people based on the color of their skin.

We think those comments, except for the quip, are just fact. Everything she uses against her opponents references their race or religion. The accusation of “White privilege” is racist, and we need to speak up against it.

A case can be made for Ilhan Omar’s constant vile rhetoric making her look repulsive to some people.

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