Ominous Warning for Tucker in Today’s Hearing


During Monday’s Senate hearing, the partisan Capitol Hill police chief took pot shots at Tucker, working in tandem with Senator Chris Van Hollen. They brought up J6 for the umpteenth time. They never miss an opportunity. There also seemed to be an ominous warning for Tucker.

Manger bashed Tucker at Van Hollen’s urging.

“He released them to former Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who then used them to create a false narrative surrounding the events of that day,” Manger said, “concluding that the attack on the Capitol was, quote, ‘mostly peaceful chaos,’ and that ‘The footage does not show an insurrection or riot in progress.’”

Van Hollen made sure to say Tucker was taken off the air. Then he claimed, “But a lot of the damage has been done,” and asked, “Can you talk about the impact this false narrative has had on the men and women who work for you?”

Chief Manger answered:

“When he did that program, I put out a message to all of my employees, and I talked to them about the narrative that he tried to put forth, how disrespectful it was to the men and women of the Capitol Police. And I think what was fortunate is that that narrative that Mr. Carlson tried to put out had no legs. I think most folks understood exactly what it was, and so I think that was very gratifying to the members of the Capitol Police to see that.”

Do you know what was really disrespectful? Letting a police officer get away with murdering an unarmed woman was disrespectful. The officer’s hearing was secret, and he was praised for his performance. That was disrespectful.


As for Tucker’s show, he only wanted to show there was another side to J6 no one would talk about. The majority of people only walked around and were punished as if they were traitors. The people who did get violent were sentenced as traitors. Some who communicated with extreme language were punished like traitors.

Senator Schumer threatened Fox News publicly and who knows what went on in private. Tucker was silenced. He had a week’s worth of video and showed very little after that Monday.

I am afraid they will go after Tucker when he starts his new show. He’s effective and people trust him.

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