On the Day He Loses $400M+, DJT Trumpets Gold Sneakers


On the same day that Donald Trump was told he would lose nearly a half billion dollars in a fraudulent case brought by New York State, he attended the Sneaker Con Philadelphia event. He was invigorated and smiling while selling the new gold sneakers.

He’s amazing. They can’t knock him out, no matter how hard they try. He’s, in a sense, indomitable. He’s one of the toughest people I have ever seen.

As he stepped to the podium, he was wearing them. Before he even tried to sell them, they were sold out.

Sneaker Con is a gathering that bills itself as “the greatest sneaker show on earth!”

Trump was met with boos as well as cheers at the Philadelphia Convention Center as he unveiled what he touted as the first official Trump footwear. The shoes, gold high tops with an American flag detail on the back, are sold as “the never surrender high tops.”

They went for $399 a pair on a new website that also sells Trump cologne, Victory 47, and perfume for $99 a bottle. The website says it has no connection to the Trump campaign. However, the Trump campaign officials promoted it online.

Trump was met with boos and chants of ‘USA’ from supporters when he arrived, decked out in the Trump gear. The chants made it hard to hear Donald Trump speak. Some held up signs that read, “SNEAKERHEADS LOVE TRUMP. “

People were smoking pot in the venue.

CIC Ventures LLC runs the new sneaker website. It’s a company Trump reported owning in 2023. However, the website states the new bench is not political and has nothing to do with any political campaign. The shoes are limited edition.

Biden-Harris – possibly very jealous – ripped the event. Communications director Michael Tyler said, “Donald Trump showing up to Hawk bootleg off-whites is the closest he’ll get to any Air Force Ones ever again for the rest of his life.”

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