One GOP Governor will step up and fight Biden admin ruining the USA


King Biden has passed 44 executive orders in one week and will pass more on immigration next week. Many of them will fundamentally transform this nation into a socialist or communist country. The king’s handlers in Congress also plan to make DC a state, end the filibuster, and change voting regulations to help Democrats. It’s a nightmare, and it’s everything we said it would be. We just didn’t think he’s get it done in days.

Where are the Republicans? Why don’t they have several lawsuits in the pipeline? Democrats showed them how to slow or stop this abominable agenda.


One Republican might come through. Texas Governor Greg Abbott plans to protect the state’s oil and gas industry from the Biden admin’s climate agenda by “identifying opportunities for litigation” over federal government regulations.

“We’re here for a singular purpose today,” Abbott said after a roundtable meeting with industry leaders in Odessa. “To make clear that Texas is going to protect the oil and gas industry from any type of hostile attack launched from Washington, D.C.”

Abbott said Texas will follow the playbook it used during the Obama administration. When Abbott served as attorney general, he said he sued the Obama administration 31 times, predominately over environmental regulations.

“One thing that we are going to be doing is exactly what I did when I was attorney general in Texas and Barack Obama was the president of the United States, when President Obama was lodging challenge after challenge after challenge to the Texas energy sector,” Abbott said. “Texas will continue with that litigation strategy to fight back against any efforts by the Biden administration that threaten either the energy sector in general or jobs in the energy sector — in particular in the state of Texas.”

Where are the rest of the Republicans, the PACs, where are they? We are going to lose our Republic and still they mostly remain silent.

Texas has the world’s ninth largest economy.

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