Brian Stelter renews his attack on Fox with an anti-free speech argument


Brian Stelter has hit a new low. He’s bashing Fox News again and wants them — CNN’s competition — off the airwaves. In the clips, he’s basically complaining about people complaining about censorship.

He wants to decide who’s lying while he himself lies daily.

Stelter blathered irrationally, “Reducing a liar’s reach is not the same as censoring freedom of speech; freedom of speech is different than freedom of reach.”

Disingenuously, he added, “This is not aimed at shutting it down … it’s about making Fox better. Putting the news back in Fox News … If Fox is going to keep transitioning into the 24/7 Tucker channel, maybe it belongs next to sci-fi, not MSNBC … But harm reduction is possible.”

How nice of him. Do as Brian says, and he will let Fox exist.


Glenn Greenwald weighed in with a series of tweets:

Beyond all the creepy aspects of journalists again taking the lead in demanding media voices be repressed, @brianstelter‘s claim that “freedom of speech is different than freedom of reach” is totally false and has been rejected by courts for decades.

He continued: Imagine if you’re an anti-Wall Street group and you want to march on Wall St & the city tells you: oh, you can march, but not on a busy street. We’ll give you a permit to march on a deserted street in Queens. You think that’s not a free speech violation? Tons of caselaw on this

Also, Greenwald added, CNN lies and spreads conspiracy theories constantly. They’re a pro-Democratic Party outlet that barely airs any dissent from the DNC line. If @brianstelter‘s standards for banishing Fox were applied equally, it’d affect all cable news outlets, not just one.

Finally, Greenwald said, Hey @brianstelter, I know you don’t do dissent on your show — can’t have anyone challenging you or upsetting your DNC audience — but the next time you want to claim “freedom of speech isn’t freedom of reach,” read this on “free speech zones” by @ACLU.

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