One Last Chance to Save New York


New York is an essential state in the battle for American independence. New York can destroy the nation with help from California and other blue states. We have a chance to save it with the Republican candidate Lee Zeldin.

Gov. Hochul has demonstrated that she will do whatever the furthest left wants. She has brazenly engaged in pay-to-play with taxpayer dollars and was a tyrant during the pandemic.

The poisonous far left ideology consuming state after state will eventually consume everyone if a state as populated and influential as New York goes completely far left. We already see what California is doing to the nation.

Hochul only cares about abortion, nothing else, and the governor can’t do a thing about it if s/he wants to. It’s a dodge. She couldn’t care less about the crime wave.

Watch, great Zeldin ad:


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Frank S.
Frank S.
3 months ago

He is, without question New York’s last best hope. Lee’s a courageous, resilient relentless campaigner, who began his political career upsetting two heavily favored Dem incumbents. Beat a 5 term congressman by 10 points. Zeldin can win.

3 months ago

New York and California are beyond repair, let them implode!

Trump Won
Trump Won
3 months ago

Make New York Great Again!