Eat Up All Your Bugs So You Can Save the Planet


The Netherlands has gone mad, along with Canada, and Australia, thanks to the World Economic Forum and climate crazies. They are indoctrinating children to eat bugs. Hundreds of schools in the Netherlands are now offering mealworms and insects to children’s lunches to normalize eating bugs to save the environment.

 RTV Oost reports:

After a first hesitation, the students of the Octopus primary school in Zwolle carefully put them in their mouths: mealworms. And as the taste buds get to work on the unfamiliar food, some faces brighten: “it tastes like nuts,” they say.

The school children are today exposed to a new eating experience. Part of a teaching package about healthy and sustainable food. It is a tried and tested means: behavioral changes via the (as yet) uninhibited children. Because, if they appreciate it, then it has a future.

The 7th-grade students also tasted dishes made with lupine worms and other insects.


The King is jumping right on that. He sees it as a real moneymaker.

The bug-eating campaign in the Western World is one facet of the Great Reset. At the same time, under the WEF’s guidance, farmers are forced off their lands to limit the nation’s livestock supply which the organization says is to reduce methane emissions.

Australia is also offering bugs to school children. Children are vulnerable to indoctrination.

In July, after using government incentives and subsidies to build a new facility in London, Ontario, to manufacture 9,000 metric tons of crickets for human consumption to replace cows, pigs, and chickens, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau launched a series of nitrogen emission reduction regulations to target traditional farming.

Watch the farmers fight as the rulers plan to close over 1,000 farms:

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