One of Biden’s Model Citizens Kidnapped, Raped an 11-Year-Old


A New American, fresh from crossing the border, kidnapped an 11-year-old girl and raped her in his white van as her mother screamed for help outside.

We are importing rapists, murderers, drunk drivers, terrorists, deadbeats, and others who shouldn’t be here.

Marvin Lopez, it looks like someone gave him a well-deserved beating.

Suspect Marvin Dionel Perez Lopez is in custody and faces a rape charge.

The mother caught a glimpse of her daughter and the suspect in the van and began banging on the door, shouting at him to free the girl, according to an arrest report.

Sherriff’s deputies said Lopez fled from the van at that point. The victim’s mother then stopped by Lopez’s apartment, where his brother also lived. Lopez’s brother got him to come home, and his mother confronted him.

After listening to Lopez’s pleas for forgiveness, the victim’s mother called 911.

Lopez is from Guatemala and left the Central American country sometime in January, according to local station WPTV. When he crossed into Mexico, he reportedly surrendered to border patrol and was given a court date in 2027, after which he was released.

This is one of Joe Biden’s “model citizens.” An 11 year old!

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