Only A Blizzard Can Stop Murders in Chicago


Only 21 people were shot in Chicago this weekend. That’s down from 31 last weekend. The Chicago-Sun Times attributes the lower number to the winter storm that just dumped almost a foot of snow on the city. Four of those shot over the weekend died, compared to seven last weekend.

All four casualties involved separate incidents where men were shot multiple times in their cars. As usual, there are no suspects.

The weekend shooting and murder statistics are reported from 5 pm Friday to 5 am Monday. Shootings and murders during the week are reported separately.

The windy city continues to have the highest murder rate by sheer numbers. The city does not, however, have the highest per capita murder rata. That distinction belongs to East St. Louis.

Local police and community groups have been unable to stop the violence and bloodshed in Chicago. Gang activity is cited by law enforcement as one of the main factors for the high level of violence.

There have been promises from Mayor Lightfoot, programs initiated by the Chicago Police Department, and marches involving local community groups. Unfortunately, none have netted positive results.

In spite of all the city’s efforts, only a winter blizzard has been effective in reducing the number of shootings and murders in Chicago. Undoubtedly, the number will go up as soon as the snow melts.

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