Ooopsie- Iranian Missile Hits its Own Warship, Killing 19- No Nukes for Them!


While on a training exercise in the Gulf of Oman, the warship “Konarak” was stuck with a missile fired from another Iranian boat.  That friendly fire killed 19 and injured 15. After an initial denial of the specifics, Iran admitted to the fatal accident.  The Konarak was in charge of placing targets for the anti-ship-missile training when it apparently strayed to close to the bullseye.

This is the terrorist-sponsoring nation’s second deadly missile “accident” since January.  You may remember, back then, these trigger happy geniuses shot down a commercial Ukrainian airliner it misidentified as a hostile target, just after it took off from an airport in Tehran.  All 176 innocents on board were killed.

President Trump has been right all along regarding the dangers of a nuclear-armed Iran.  For God’s sake, they can’t even properly identify genuine threats, before firing killer exploding projectiles in their direction.

No nukes for them, ever!

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