New Orleans mandates a “new normal” of tracking down & isolating


New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell announced business owners will be required to keep logs of the names and contact information of patrons who enter their establishments once the Big Easy reopens.

The government plans to contact trace, a move that Cantrell called “part of the new normal,” as New Orleans and Louisiana plan to rollback coronavirus restrictions this month, according to Forbes.

The government plans to use the virus to track you so they can isolate you if they so desire.

The move is to allow health officials to track down residents who may have had contact with a person who later tested positive for coronavirus. They will warn them and tell them to quarantine. It’s a very small step to force. They are already using force in many locales.

The new requirement is part of the city’s plan to increase the numbers of coronavirus tests performed and to use contact tracing to keep the number of new infections low as New Orleans partially reopens later this month.

This is a civil rights violation waiting to happen. It must not be a “new normal.” It’s an invasion of privacy fraught with dangers.

How is the city going to enforce this abomination?

On Wednesday, the New Orleans city website directed business owners to develop their own strategies for tracking anyone who comes into their space “in case [they] are asked to assist in tracing the contacts of a sick individual,” the guidance reads.

People should tell her to get lost.

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Mathilda Brown
Mathilda Brown
3 years ago

Hey you! The idiot supposed “dicktater” in “Nawleans”……..I live here and I obviously know Louisianians better than you do…….back off you stupid woman!! It’s none of your dam business and stop treating us like we’re idiots!!

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
3 years ago

Just like Hitler did to the Jews

Czar of Sewers
Czar of Sewers
3 years ago

The imperial decree from comrade LaToya must be etched on stone tablets and placed in a public area so all comrades can see how mommygov loves them and just wants to hug them.