Almost 60% of Herat U students are women, but that was yesterday


Saad Mohseni on Twitter: “For those who insist that Afghanistan has not changed: almost 60% of Herat University students are women. And their scores are higher than their male counterparts. Now that is what I call progress (and something to be proud of) @TOLOnews”

I don’t doubt this. The women came out of bondage and then they were free to learn and work. Imagine those young people who grew up under the 20 years of freedom.

It will be over under the Taliban. They are terrorists — sadistic monsters.

We can’t save the world since we can’t even save ourselves. We have an invasion of anonymous people at our border who will change the USA forever. We invite Communist Chinese to buy up our farmland. Russians got our last uranium mine.

We talk about the Afghans not fighting. When will we fight for ourselves? I don’t mean riots in the Capitol. I mean making our voices heard with rallies, attending school board meetings, town and state meetings, and wherever we have to go to change what is happening?

About 300,000 Afghan soldiers and police couldn’t put down 75,000 Taliban. Maybe they weren’t trained well. Were they given PC training and told to fly LGBTQIA flags?

What Mr. Dubowitz here says:

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