Oregon Law: Public Schools Put Menstrual Products in Boys’ Bathrooms


The Governor of Oregon, Kate Brown passed The Menstrual Dignity Act requiring all schools from elementary through high school to place period products in boys, girls, and all-gender bathrooms because Kate Brown and the lawmakers in Oregon pretend males can have periods.

This is an insane message to children.

The indoctrination is assured in the requirement that public schools must provide education on growth, development, and puberty that includes menstrual health.” [Puberty blocker instruction included]

In addition, “the Health and Adapted/Physical Education team is providing all K-12 schools with basic lessons around the four pillars of Menstrual Dignity including Privacy, Inclusivity, Access, and Education. This education, like all PPS growth and development lessons, is always positive, taught without shame, and is accessible. to students of all genders and all abilities.”

“We understand that this may be new for some students in some grades. This is why we felt it was especially important that we share the details of this program with you.”

It’s new because it’s a bald-faced lie. Why lie to these children? Boys can’t have periods, period. And there are two genders and hermaphodytes. Anything else is pretend, and that’s fine if they want to pretend, but educators lying is not fine. Using tax dollars to fund the lie is insane.

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1 year ago

“alright boys, this goes in your rectum, if you ever have diarrhea, because that is the closest thing to a period you will EVER have”

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

She is an admitted bisexual, maybe some of her female friends like to use the boy’s room.

I wonder who gets the contract to install this stuff. I see that there are over 1200 K-12 schools in Oregon. Imagine the cost to install in 10,000 bathrooms. Millions are involved plus the maintenance contracts forever.