Kinzinger Wants to Give Biden Power to Launch a Hot War with Russia


Illinois quasi-Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger compared the current situation in Ukraine to pre-World War II which is disconcerting since the US now has a lend-lease act, which was a precursor to World War II. He also introduced an authorization to give Joe Biden the power to launch a hot war.

Kinzinger said the US should work to contain the war but be prepared to respond if Russia escalates, using chemical or nuclear weapons. He is declaring war?

Kinzinger just gave Ukraine the incentive to stage a chemical or nuclear attack. They’ve been caught staging attacks.

Also, what containment has Congress tried?


“If Vladimir Putin wants to escalate with the West, he will,” Mr. Kinzinger told CBS’s “Face the Nation.” “It’s easy for him to do it. And I think right now what we’re doing with supply and with lend-lease, with the financing is right.”

Kinzinger told CBS’s “Face the Nation.” “It’s easy for him to do it. And I think right now what we’re doing with supply and with lend-lease, with the financing is right.”

“You know … prior to World War II, there were moments nobody ever wanted to get involved and eventually came to realize they had to,” he said. “I hope we don’t get to that point here, but we should be ready if we do.”

Power to the Deranged President

Kinzinger said that he has introduced an Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF). It will give the president “congressional leverage” to deploy the U.S. military. This would come to pass “if WMDs, nuclear, biological or chemical are used in Ukraine.”

“[It] doesn’t compel the president to do it. It just says if it is used, he has that leverage,” he said. “It gives him, you know, a better flexibility, but also it is a deterrent to Vladimir Putin.”

He wants Joe Biden – a man who can’t read off a teleprompter, who surrendered Afghanistan and cost the lives of 13 service members and hundreds of Afghans – he wants that man to lead the charge.

Tim Kaine said the right strategy is to “flood the zone with military and humanitarian aid.”

“Right now, the status quo is we are providing massive amounts of aid to Ukraine, both the U.S. and NATO allies and others,” he said. “If there were to be an invasion of a NATO country, a kinetic or even a cyberattack, or if there were to be use of chemical or nuclear weapons in Ukraine, that would change the equation.”

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Tim Shep
Tim Shep
1 year ago

Gee imagine that, a Never Trumper, is a war hawk.

Donald B Behnke
Donald B Behnke
1 year ago

I think there should be a law that the representatives who make resolutions like that are required to go over and be with the deployed troops as “political observers”. That would stop a lot of this crap.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

The only reason a big network like CBS would have a little lame duck pipsqueak like Kinzinger on to promote a far reaching idea is because he is a tool of the NWO.

Kinzinger is looking for an easy, high paying job in DC or NY. He may be able to get a job in a corrupt think tank somewhere, or as a part time commentator. He is not coming home to Illinois. He is hated in his district, a conservative rural area. His parents were criticizing him. He ran like a Tea Party person, turned left rapidly after winning.

Frank S
Frank S
1 year ago

Give him a gun and a ticket.