Oregon separatist movement is on the ballot


The riots in Portland have led to a new separation movement in Oregon. The suburbs in Oregon are moving to separate and join Idaho. This comes after nearly two months of daily protests and rioting in Portland.

The only protests punished are those against the radicals, their violence, and the lawlessness. The radicals have free reign. The radicals’ haunts have become a home for criminals.

Criminals use the Black Lives Matter movement as cover. The bottom feeders have figured out that the police will let them do whatever they want. And they do it on the orders of the politicians if they say they are protesters.

A group seeks to change the map so that most of Oregon and a chunk of Northern California would break off and join Idaho. Idaho is a Republican-majority state.

The group, Move Oregon’s Border For a Greater Idaho, succeeded in getting petitions approved for circulation in two rural Oregon counties this month.

The effort is only the latest separatist cause in Pacific Northwest history. It is likely infeasible for a long list of legal, political, and economic reasons.


The movement in Oregon is to maintain its rural values.

More than half of all Oregonians live in the Portland metro area. The policy is set by a predominantly urban, Democratic supermajority in the state Legislature is fomenting frustration in the conservative, rural areas of the state.

They will destroy rural Oregon.

The messaging hits cultural flashpoints. Idaho has more permissive gun laws and more restrictions on abortion. The state also doesn’t allow sanctuary cities, nor does it issue driver’s licenses to “illegal aliens.”

Even if their vote is overwhelming, it would require agreement from three state legislatures and Congress. The ballot measures merely direct individual county commissions to become advocates for the cause.

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