O’Reilly says Dems want to crash the US economic system, control the means of production


Consider the comments of far-far-left Ed Markey and then read what Bill O’Reilly has to say.

On Tuesday, Yahoo published an article about an exchange between the very far-left Ed Markey and the conservative Ted Cruz. Yahoo portrayed it inaccurately. They claim Cruz “came under fire” Monday “for jokes he made about giving coronavirus relief payments to struggling Americans.” That is incredibly dishonest.

Cruz only came under fire from Ed Markey and his socialist allies, not for making jokes, but for political commentary.

Markey isn’t satisfied with our enormous debt and thinks we can afford (or does he) to give every person in this country $2000 a month during the pandemic and for three months after. Since we already borrow money from China and print it because the revenue isn’t coming in, where does Markey think the money will come from? And won’t they be the first to condemn Trump if he does it and the economy crashes?

Yahoo claims, without any evidence, that “some conservatives have argued, despite evidence to the contrary, that giving Americans money to survive when there aren’t enough jobs will make them lazy.” It then points to HuffPo and a comment by Senator Johnson that the $600 over a person’s income in unemployment incentivizes them to not work. HuffPo said Johnson called them lazy. He did not.

Cruz said sarcastically — not jokingly — “Why be so cheap. Give everyone $1 million a day, every day, forever. And three soy lattes a day. And a foot massage.

We have a magic money tree — we should use it!


Markey’s insane recommendation:

Sarcasm aimed at Markey’s absurd idea, not a comment about victims at all:

Yahoo claims Markey wasn’t having it, but, actually, what the far-left comrade of Ocasio-Cortez did was change the conversation to Cruz wants people to go hungry. An abject lie. All the Democrats have to do is open businesses up with safeguards.

Democrats want to overturn our systems and destroy our financial markets. They want all the power and they want it in perpetuity.


Bill O’Reilly said something on his podcast last night that many of us will find accurate.

“Now, this is the most important thing I’m going to tell you tonight. The Democratic Party wants to crash the United States fiscal system. It wants it to crash because if it does, the central government in Washington will have to take the economy over, which is what the Democrats want. They don’t want a free marketplace. They don’t want robust capitalism. They want the central government to run.”

“If you have a collapse in fiscal, the dollar, things like that, if you run up such a debt that no one has confidence in America anymore, it’s going to collapse. Then the Democrats, and they believe they’re gonna be in charge, will come in and say, we’ve got to take this over as FDR did during the depression. We’ve got to take it over just like Franklin Delano Roosevelt did and the first thing we’re gonna do is slap a tax surcharge on corporations and affluent Americans. We’ll take 60 percent of what they have. We’re taking it. That’s the end game.”

“So, when you see the Democratic Party just spend and spend and spend and spend and spend, they want fiscal chaos because they want the government, the federal government to control the economy. You all have it? You’ll never get that anywhere else but here, and that is the truth.”


[This is Cloward and Piven for those familiar with the names]

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