Google to identify business owners by race


Google will now support businesses based on the color of their skin. MLK Jr. would not approve.

Google Maps’ verified Twitter account revealed that it is rolling out an attribute that it says “makes it easier to identify and #SupportBlackBusiness in the U.S.”

The platform says it would make it “easier for customers to find and support [Black-owned businesses].” Google further stated that the new program is part of its “ongoing commitment to racial equity.”

Uh, this makes blacks unequal. They will be preferred or rejected based on race.

This is being done in partnership with the US Black Chambers, Inc. or the USBC, the July 30 tweet revealed.

Google followed up by urging followers to “Tag a Black-owned business you’d like to see add the icon,” so that the business can be identified by its owners’ race.

This is racist and a kind of Jim Crow type law.

Some say it is a form of reparations. It might have the opposite effect. Sometimes people resent efforts like this and do tye opposite.It’s just a terrible idea.

Reclaim The Net observed that common Twitter users have mixed feelings about merging Google business outreach with race politics.

This is very divisive. We are all Americans and we should be united. Race should be irrelevant.




  1. . What is with the new world order/agenda 21that skin colour is the bee end and bee all of their existence.
    Talk about going back to the dark ages and to APARTHEID in REVERSE. As you say MLK Jr would not be happy.
    The tech giants are all anti christian and have absolutely no morals and so for them their rubbish is normal.
    It is quite sickening, blm/antifa and add the tech giants to the list of destructors as of course the msmand the demorats.

    • They know not and know not that they know not…A pall of ignorance has descended upon the “woke” zombies…alas they know not that they ARE zombies…and yes the next Dark Age IS underway and gaining momentum at light speed and those that propelled the “known world” into the last one 1400 years ago are again in the ascendant…

  2. Look at the numbers and tell me how this is going to help in bringing this country together. These violent riots, looting and destruction perpetrated by BLM and ANTIFA, have pissed off a lot of people both black and white and brown. These pompous tech nerds have to get over themselves because they are awakening a sleeping giant.

  3. Google would do better to rid the Indian caste system from their ranks. The tech giants are already facing lawsuits over the practice.

  4. I didn’t give a hoot in hell as to the color of a business owner as long as they produced or sold a quality product, not made in China at a reasonable but not necessarily the cheapest price. But this crap ticks me off so that I may well avoid who and what Google sanctifies and blesses with it’s 3 tonged pitch fork. Google may well have created their own manure storm in a hell via it’s own Arrogant Obnoxious making. I hope it’s the stone that knocks out the monopolist malevolent giant.

    • Amen. That is why I patronize a business. And I am suspicious of a business who must advertise as “Woman Owned”, “Minority Owned” or “Christian Owned.” When you have to advertise in this manor then you’re trying to get business for that reason and not necessarily because you earned it. And I make it a point to avoid businesses using God and Jesus to get business. That just isn’t right.

  5. Well, that could blow up in their face. With blacks daily commenting hate crimes against whites, along with rioting, burning, and looting, other races could well turn against all blacks and refuse to do business with black business owners.

  6. This is great!

    Finally a tool which will allow us to patronize only those business’ that are White-owned and operated. Next step, if you live or work in a city/village/town that is controlled by non-whites, or occupied by large numbers of non-whites, get out. ONLY support those places that are White owned, ONLY live in those places that are overwhelmingly White.

    Prepare for it, kids, the time is drawing near, it will be a fight for our lives and our Nation.


    • This “racism” was spawned in the UN…the beauty is the EU, like the duds that buy into the “reparations” BS, will wake up, too late most likely, to find out that they are effectively committing “geno-suicide”….

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