Oscar Leeser, a Dem Mayor of a Dem City Sends Migrants to NYC


The Democrat city council of the Democrat city of El Paso, Texas, voted to approve a $2 million contract with a charter bus company to send illegal aliens to other cities. The city’s mayor, Oscar Leeser, said he’s just helping them out.

Democratic El Paso mayor Oscar Leeser is sending some to the sanctuary city of New York. He said, “I am helping them get to their preferred destination.”

That’s very thoughtful of Mayor Leeser. He’s not threatened with prosecution and imprisonment as Governors Abbott and De Santis.

By the way, we haven’t gotten illegal alien numbers since August. It must take a while to cleanse them through whatever filter they use.

Watch, go to 4:46:
Mayor Leeser aside, Biden is transporting illegal aliens into New York City on secret night flights regularly.

The Biden administration has had its secret charter flights of underage migrants from the U.S.-Mexico border to Westchester, New York, coming with few interruptions. These secret flights are going on all over the country.

Unelected Governor Hochul supports this.

A group of young, undocumented immigrants from El Paso, Texas, landed at the Westchester County Airport in April, the New York Post reported.

Were they sent by Mayor Leeser? We didn’t know about him until this latest report.

Former Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino called the resumption of flights “a big middle finger to hard-working New York taxpayers.”

“It’s frustrating. It’s outrageous,” he told the Post.

“There is no distinguishing now between the rights of a citizen and a non-citizen and certainly here in New York,” he told Greg Kelly on Newsmax.

That’s the idea. Biden Democrats are destroying immigration laws and the rights of citizenship.

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Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
1 year ago

What Laughable Leeser is actually and slyly doing is helping NYC’s corrupt politicians and City Council ‘lawmakers’ get their grubby hands on more federal funding for pols’ personal accounts since NYC is broke busted disgusted, and as that city/state did during covid to present. More disease=more emergency money for pols; more illegals= more emergency money for pols. One of the main reasons why Communist China has been ‘helping’ Joe Biden and his covid schemes so that thieving blue states govs (think Huckster Hochul) et al) can continue to rip off fed funds to add to their personal wealth.

1 year ago

So if Democrats don’t want Illegal Aliens, who is it that Does? Who Does Traitor Joe represent?

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 year ago

Well at least one Democrat politician has a modicum of common sense.