Biden’s Secret Night Flights of Illegals Are Back


Secret night flights in Westchester. Many are pouring into Long Island.

This cover up is a national defense issue…what’s gonna’ happen when Title 42 is gone…more flights and more busloads of illegal immigrants and they’ll never tell us who it is.

~ Rob Astorino, NY Gubernatorial Candidate

The Biden administration resumed its secret charter flights of underage migrants from the U.S.-Mexico border to Westchester, New York. These secret flights were going on all over the country and they probably are again.

Unelected Governor Hochul is behind this.

Another group of young, undocumented immigrants from El Paso, Texas landed at the Westchester County Airport on Thursday night, the New York Post reports.

Former Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino, a Republican gubernatorial candidate, called the resumption of flights “a big middle finger to hard-working New York taxpayers.”

“It’s frustrating. It’s outrageous,” he told the Post.

“There is no distinguishing now between the rights of a citizen and a non-citizen and certainly here in New York,” he told Greg Kelly on Newsmax Saturday afternoon.


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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

It’s a ripe campaign issue, but the corrupt RINOs will not use it, because they support it. If the RINOs make lots of noise about the illegal invasion, they will get less money from the big globalist donors, so, they choose to betray America.

That little twirp Abbot, playing hero, said he would send as many buses as he needs to, I read he intends to send one bus a day (and they are half filled).

Frank McCarthy
Frank McCarthy
1 year ago

It would be an enlightening thing to read about the NGO’s and Catholic/protestant/Jewish charities that have their hands deep in providing homes, shelters meals medical outreach to these victims really, They do not belong here better if they stayed back home. I would like to interview these South American illegal’s (my Spanish is very good) and find out what their reasoning was their hopes and etc.
Also that “refugee nonsense that these seemingly desperate for a good intention liberal church goers rest open is fraudulent. It seems all quite easy these days to ‘play’ we Americans like a concert violin.