OSHA Sent the Rule to Mandate What Really Is a Vax Law


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), under the direction of President Biden, has reportedly finished crafting a rule forcing private employers with over 100 employees to implement vaccine and testing requirements, weeks after the president made the announcement in September’s divisive coronavirus speech.

This is pure insanity and a power grab. Surely, it can’t be constitutional to order private employers to mandate workers to inject themselves with an experimental drug that is proving to fail at this point in time.

Many companies have acted as if it is a rule already but it’s actually taken weeks.

There will be lawsuits to contest the legality.

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6 months ago

This is why the Executive Branch of Government MUST be stripped of Mandate Powers. Only the Legislative Branch is supposed to make Law. The power to mandate creates a King, not a President.

Mally O'Donald
Mally O'Donald
6 months ago

I would Love to see the Risk Assessment for OSHA’s vax mandate; the ‘vax’ doesn’t even reduce morbidity. There probably is Not a risk assessment. No consideration for actual CV19 immunity. Insane. And Very Unscientific!