McAuliffe’s Last Rally: First He Lies, Then Refuses to Answer Questions


The Virginia election is a barometer of which way this country will go and let’s hope it is not towards communism. Far-left Terry McAuliffe lied last night and claimed his opponent Glenn Youngkin was going to campaign with Donald Trump.

“‘Guess how Glenn Youngkin is finishing his campaign?” McAuliffe said during his final rally. ‘He is doing an event with Donald Trump here in Virginia.’  Trump wasn’t in Virginia and he never campaigned with Youngkin.”

It was a lie but McAuliffe’s entire campaign has been based on lies and political dirty tricks.

McAuliffe, who has nothing substantive to say beyond lying and complaining about parents wanting a say in their child’s education, would NOT answer questions last night after his final rally. It’s obvious why. He is hiding from exposure.



“The poll by Echelon Insights has Youngkin up by 3 points statewide but by 25 points among White voters. That poll also predicts White voters will be 74 percent of the electorate, a massive increase from 2017.”

The five most recent polls with available data for racial and ethnic subgroups all tell a similar story. Youngkin leads Democrat Terry McAuliffe among White voters by an average of 16.4 points while trailing among Black voters by between 46 and 86 points. (The larger variation among Black voters is likely due to the smaller sample size for that demographic, which often leads to unrepresentative subsamples.) They also show White voters comprising between 67 and 72 percent of the likely electorate and Black voters comprising between 17 and 20 percent.

This data is only slightly different from what the exit poll for the 2017 gubernatorial race showed. White voters cast 67 percent of all ballots then, and Republican Ed Gillespie beat Democrat Ralph Northam by 15 points with this demographic.

Education is number one in Virginia’s election. Children aren’t learning the basics and the activism they are learning won’t do much for their futures.


As an example of the lousy public school education throughout the nation, Mr. Cortes discusses Los Angeles’ pathetic 8th-grade math scores for minority children.


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