OSHA To Make Their Authoritarian ‘Rules’ PERMANENT


The emergency temporary standard, issued by the Labor Department’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and scheduled to go into effect on Friday, is presented as only applying to firms that have 100 or more employees.

But OSHA is seeking public comments on that aspect of the standard, and it may be ultimately expanded to include smaller businesses, the agency said in the 490-page document.

OSHA wants to make their COV ‘rules’ permanent. Their ‘rules’ are laws posing as rules and they plan to make the totalitarian mandates PERMANENT.

Ben Shapiro summarized it nicely. This is what they want to make their forever law:
  1. Force it on employers with under 100 employees.
  2. Force the fully vaccinated people to be masked.
  3. No exceptions for prior immunity.
  4. Get rid of testing as an alternative to vaccination.
  5. Test more than weekly.
  6. Higher standards for masks.
It doesn’t stop there. They also demand:
  • Social distancing,
  • Physical Barriers,
  • Further ventilation requirements.

Democrats are now clearly making increasing authoritarianism a permanent state. They could use this to push a national vaccination and mask mandate.

This information comes from the Federal Register:

Federal Register, new Total… by MDowling

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