Rep Greene Toured the J6 Gulag, Witnessing Tremendous Suffering


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene visited the Washington, D.C. jail where dozens of accused participants in the Jan. 6 Capitol attack are being held.

She could hear the screams of people locked in solitary who were not in the J6 wing. The officials gave her a 3-hour tour but tried to keep her from the J6, Patriot Wing. She threatened to go scorched earth if they didn’t let her see it so they relented.

What she described was torture. They don’t have decent food, medical care, and they are put through re-education which they reject. It’s like a Chinese communist setup if they demand re-education.

The prisoners are suffering in a way no Antifa or Black Lives Matter communist ever has to suffer. Every night at 9 pm, they sing the National Anthem.

She will give a detailed report soon.

This confirms the report about prisoner Chris Worrell who has cancer and was deprived of all medical care. He was literally left to die until a judge intervened after receiving a US Marshall’s report.

Rep. Greene is demanding oversight by Mayor Bowser:

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2 years ago

In a Totalitarian State, Political Prisoners have no rights.