Our Chief Law Enforcement Officer Plans to Redistribute Home Ownership


Communists don’t believe in private property ownership. The commies in our administration are attacking homeownership with taxes, regulations, lockdowns, and lawsuits under the guise of reparations for long-over redlining. They are going to use Black people to oppress the majority and push them out of homeownership.

Watch the return of Mortgage-backed securities, and a guaranteed recession.

The Bolsheviks in the Soviet Union pushed this type of redistribution and reparations. It is what the hard left is doing in South Africa.

In any case, when did this become the role of the chief law enforcement agent in the country, a man with enormous power?

It’s time to be terrified. Watch:

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2 years ago

We need to clip the wings of the Federal Government and that won’t happen with Democrats and RINO’s in charge. First thing, repeal the 16th Amendment and cut off the money supply. Next, repeal the 17th Amendment and re-empower the States. Finally, there must be a Balanced Budget and the Federal Government must not be able to pick winners and losers with tax breaks and unequal taxation. Everyone must pay taxes equally because Government should never benefit one group or one State over another.

The Income coefficient does not vary much within States, but some States get huge Federal Government subsidies. The interstate coefficient between States is hideous. While poor States get large Entitlements, rich States seem to be were all the big dollar Government contracts go. In addition to the actual money outlays from the Federal Government there is Government Tax policies sending manufacturing overseas and artificially controlling agriculture prices and labor cost. We wouldn’t have so much inequality in America if the Federal Government stopped trying to micromanage the economy and protect manufacturing and use Antitrust and Monopoly laws to protect small business from Mega Corporations using unfair tactics like operating at a loss to take over a local market;lace. States could do a lot to stop this type of action by the National Corporations with actual taxes on franchises, because by their shear size Franchises have unfair advantages. Maybe the Attorney General should focus on how Large Corporations destroy local businesses. Just 50 years ago the Mom and Pop Shop was in every neighborhood, but they have been zoned out of business and have to compete with Anti-trust arrangements where the big boys get ridiculous volume discounts on total volume regardless of individual store volume. Small Stores can’t absorb losses due to crime like a national franchise. So why doesn’t the DoJ focus on real crime even when the crime is committed by a Democrat?