Outraged Democrat Socialists of NY demand $50 billion


The Democrat Socialists of New York are pleased with the legislature’s proposal for more sky-high taxes on the wealthy that will pass down to the middle class, but they are outraged over not getting fifty billion dollars.

The Democrat Socialists are to the left of the CPUSA.

The tax increases come despite a $100 billion avalanche of fresh federal aid to New York, including $12.6 billion directly to state government coffers.

NY state lawmakers have proposed a budget for the next fiscal year that reflects a 22.6 percent increase in spending (despite only 4% inflation so far). The new budget includes proposed expenses such as rent for “New Yorkers who do not have access to unemployment, federal stimulus funds and other assistance programs’’ — including illegal immigrants. To pay for it all, they want to raise $7 billion through tax increases.

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