“Outrageous decision!” Flynn judge’s judge calls for oral arguments next month


Attorney General Bill Barr dropped the charges against General Michael Flynn for lying. The case is not winnable due to irregularities by prosecutors and Flynn said he’s innocent. Flynn’s judge, Emmett Sullivan, a committed left-winger, appointed retired judge John Gleeson to argue against Michael Flynn in a brief.

Gleeson recently wrote an op-ed declaring General Flynn guilty of perjury, so you can expect him to go for Flynn’s jugular.

Retired judge Gleeson will file a brief arguing the case against the Department of Justice — next month. Gleeson pushed it off until June 10th, delaying this atrocity.

Furthermore, Gleeson is asking Sullivan for oral arguments. That should be a dazzling, partisan circus and garner millions of clicks for media outlets.

Judge Sullivan will then hear both sides and he might decide to move ahead with a contempt case and sentencing. It’s likely he will do that since he’s a zealot.

Sullivan wants Flynn to face a criminal contempt charge for perjury. Flynn hasn’t suffered enough.

Gleeson said that in his brief he would like to focus on three issues: the court’s authority to deny the motion to dismiss under Rule 48 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, “any additional factual development I may need before finalizing my argument” against the motion to dismiss, and whether Sullivan should issue an order for Flynn to show cause as to why he should not face a criminal contempt charge for perjury after claiming innocence following a guilty plea.


Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell wrote in a court filing following Sullivan’s order that there is no local rule allowing for amicus briefs in criminal cases.

“A criminal case is a dispute between the United States and a criminal defendant. There is no place for third parties to meddle in the dispute, and certainly not to usurp the role of the government’s counsel,” Powell wrote.

Former Utah U.S. Attorney Brett Tolman told “Fox & Friends” Wednesday morning that it was “an outrageous decision. National security attorney Brad Moss told Fox News that it was “rather unusual” given that amicus briefs typically are only seen in civil cases.

The judge appears to have a nasty agenda. No matter, the case against Flynn was dropped because it’s unwinnable and these clowns are going to give us a show declaring it’s winnable. It looks like they will ask Flynn to show why he’s not guilty.


Gleeson has argued for years that he and other judges need alternatives sentencing, utilizing problem-solving courts. How ironic! He feels very differently about a General who worked for President Trump.


You notice Judge Sullivan appointed a left-wing judge to argue against the DOJ in the Flynn perjury case. Former U.S. Attorney Andy McCarthy said evidence is overwhelming and a case cannot be made against Flynn.

The most damaging information against the Flynn case came from Obama-appointed Inspector General, he said.

Also, the agents were told by Obama officials — Brennan, Clapper, Yates, and others — they couldn’t act the way they did.

They had no case, set up a perjury trap, discouraged Flynn from getting counsel, and they monkeyed with the 302 (interview notes), losing the original. The case is impeachable based on the many misrepresentations by the FBI to the FISA court.

You have to conclude that they did not have a case to prove he was guilty, he said.


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