Outrageous Interview by Joe Biden


Joe Biden gave an outrageous interview to CBS and if he believes what he’s saying, which is doubtful, he is not dealing with all oars in the water. Joe Biden was on CBS Morning and had the gall to say the Trump administration is “shredding the fabric of society to gain power”! It’s the exact opposite. The President is trying to give the power back to the people after the Obama administration subverted the Constitution and robbed the people of power.

Democrats are being snookered.


  1. Delusional. Biden is delusional. Apparently Biden forgot about all the times Obama told him to sit down and shut up because he kept putting his foot in his mouth!

  2. Biden is another one of those High school bullies like the ones i used to put on their asses. I am still awaiting his arrival behind the gym as a substitute for Pres. Trump who is way too busy to fool around with a numbnuts like Joey Biden, (Come on, Joey, am 77years old, bring your best punches, you traitor)

  3. Biden has had 2 brain aneurysms and has been a liar his entire life. Just for example, he never played college football or received a scholarship.

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