Sessions Vows to Act If There Is Proof of Bias in Russia Probe [Video]


After the revelation of the emails between agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, Jeff Sessions has promised to act if bias is uncovered. He appears to be waiting for the Inspector General’s report due out in the spring.

The DoJ IG is Michael Horowitz and it was IG Horowitz who said after the fact that the release of the texts between the agents was within ethical and legal standards. Democrats were infuriated about the release and complained to his office (OIG).

Horowitz’ office said in a statement that prior to the Justice Department’s decision to release certain text messages this week, the OIG told the Department that his office did not object to the Department releasing the Congress records.

“In conveying this position to the Department, we noted that, as with any such release, the Department was responsible for making its own determination about whether any restrictions, such as those affecting grand jury information, limited what records it may provide to Congress.”

The release wasn’t based on the OIG’s recommendation.

“At no time prior to the release of the text messages did the Department consult with the OIG about providing records to the media,” it added.

Michael Horowitz is the IG who led a mutiny over the Obama administration changing the rules regarding release of information to his office.

Inspectors General, as government watchdogs, were always allowed to get whatever records they needed without obstruction by anyone. Barack Obama changed that and subjected them to the bureaucracy and allowed agencies to stonewall them.

In August, 2014, 47 Inspectors General (IGs) wrote to Congress complaining that at least three agencies were blocking access to information they needed to do their jobs. The DOJ said that employees – IGs – have no right to certain records.

There had been 20 years of unbroken cooperation prior to this. Michael Horowitz had written to Congress four times pointing out that no funds can go towards blocking the inspectors general’s access.

It’s not clear how much success he had or is having now.

When Rod Rosenstein was interviewed by the House Intelligence Committee last Wednesday, he told Rep. Gohmert that Jim Comey’s notes, which Comey leaked, were government property.

In that case, what Comey did was illegal and he did it to get his pal Robert Mueller appointed Special Counsel.

That looks like bias!

Hopefully Jeff Sessions will act, as he vows to do, if corruption or bias is found by the Inspector General.

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