Oval Office Joe met with Xi Jinping and Accomplished Nothing


The Oval Office resident, Joe Biden, met with President Xi Jinping, and nothing was accomplished. Biden did not mention the COVID-19 pandemic that came out of China, most likely after a lab accident. Since much of the money funding the experiments probably came from the US, he wouldn’t discuss it.

Oval Office Joe and Blackface Trudeau walked around in Mao jackets to show how truly subservient they can be.

He claims he’s confident Xi Jinping won’t invade Taiwan and, rest assured, no one believes anything he says.

Joe Biden came on stage and was forced to run up to Xi. China researcher Gordon Chang said that puts Biden in an inferior position right out of the gate. And in fact, Biden is inferior.

“It’s time for Washington to recognize that their ally #SouthKorea is led by an administration that’s loyal to #NorthKorea, supports #China, and abhors the #US. It should be our policy to work with the people of the South to support freedom, democracy, and human rights,” Chang said.

Meaningless trite blather about China being a competitor and partner.

China provides fentanyl to Mexican drug cartels, who smuggle it into the United States, which has a devastating impact on communities across the nation.

Biden asked nothing about it.

Here’s Joe and Trudeau in Mao jackets. How appropriate.

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