Over 100,000 Pro-Hamas Anti-Semites March in London


Screenshot from video
Screenshot from video

A London tube driver whipped up passengers to chant pro-Palestinian slogans including, “Free Palestine,” “From the river to the sea,” and Palestine will be free.”

Online video shows a Central Line driver leading a chant of “Free, free Palestine” for the hundreds of people on the train.

A clip posted by a reporter included the chant with “From the River to the Sea.” It was removed. He was whipping people up on their way to the London march.

The reporter apologized, saying she didn’t mean to put the driver’s job in danger.

He was chanting for the destruction of Israel, and she’s apologizing for putting his job in danger.

The British Transport Police said it is investigating a video that appears to show a London Underground driver leading passengers in a chant of “Free, free Palestine.”

Police estimate that about a hundred thousand people are marching in London today with Palestinian, Antifa, Islamic, and Iranian flags. They’re all supporting terrorists and chanting against Israel.

London’s Metropolitan Police have recorded a staggering 1,350 percent increase in antisemitic crimes since the start of the month. Figures released by The Met on Friday showed that there were 218 antisemitic offenses were recorded in London from the start of the month to October 18th. This represented a “significant” rise over the same time period last year when just 15 incidents were recorded.

These terrorist sympathizers want Hamas to commit genocidal acts without any repercussions.

London is lost.

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