Over $120K for officer suspended for daring to joke about Lebron


Update: The donations have exceeded $270,000 as of 7 am on May 1.

Officer Nate Sylvester made a mocking video teasing Lebron James for claiming the officer in Ohio did the wrong thing when he saved the life of a teen black girl by shooting the teen black girl who was about to stab her.

It was a funny and harmless video but his bosses, the city council, and some new media tried to cancel him for doing it.

Officer Sylvester was suspended for a week and was under threat of losing his job.

His friend started a GoFuneMe to replace the salary he was losing and the fund is now over $120,000. People have had it with PC and cancel culture. They are going to start fighting back.

His focus now is to help other officers and their families in similar situations!

His friend is upping the goal now to $200,000 to help other officers and their families.

In case you missed the story, an officer is not allowed to make SNL-style videos teasing King James. It’s Raaaaaacist.

He made the video to mock Lebron’s response to the Ohio police shooting of the knife-wielding teen.

This is the clip:

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