Pathetic! Officer who made an SNL-type TikTok referencing King James is suspended


This is a pathetic joke. Apparently, one cannot make fun of the King, a total buffoon who defends the CCP. An officer, who made a joking TikTok video of making an arrest based on King James LeBron’s viewpoint, was suspended and could lose his job.

The officer made this after LeBron made some very harsh comments about an officer who shot and killed a black teenage girl as she was about to knife another black teenage girl to death.

There is also a fundraiser for Officer Sylvester to help him recover his pay.

The truth hurts! Apparently, the town and some news networks are upset. They need to get real.

I too would understand if every cop quit tomorrow.

This is the perfectly harmless mocking video. It’s like an SNL skit:

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