YouTube Locks Charlie Kirk Out of His Account for a Week


Charlie Kirk is locked out of his YouTube account for a week because he questioned gender ideology. He told the truth and said gender ideology is a delusion.

You can’t change your gender because you will it or say it.

Anyone who wants to pretend they are another gender should go for it but don’t try to make the rest of us lie and pretend that person changed his/her gender.

Five prominent accounts were silenced this week:
Don’t be afraid to speak out if you agree that gender ideology is a delusion. It’s silence that lets the lie prevail.

The administration is doubling down on the mass delusion of gender ideology by inviting people into the country who are under the delusion.

Professor Jonathan Turley noted in tweets today that seriously mentally ill and any transgender, queer, intersex, etc. persons coming in illegally will not be detained. All they have to do is say they are.

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