Owned by China? 160 Chinese Communists Coming Through Daily


A CBP source told Fox News reporter Bill Melugin there were more than 6,600 migrant encounters at the southern border yesterday, including 160 Chinese nationals apprehended in the San Diego sector. They have often seen more than 100 Chinese per day in recent weeks. Arizona and California continue to see the majority of illegal crossings.

Even 6,600 a day is 2.4 million a year. The Senate’s proposed border bill would allow almost all of them to come through and become Democrat voters. The 160 Chinese nationals are nearly 54,000 in a year in one sector alone.

These are only the ones we know about. The figures ignore the northern border, which has heated up. It ignores those flying in and gotaways. Some are coming by boat.

They are coming in all over the southern and northern border. In any case, just considering this, Chinese Communists will vote in our elections, determining our future. China owns Biden.

In other news, Mexico has suspiciously shut down two areas of the border, putting his Guardia Nacional in the area as the election nears. Border reporter Anthony Aguerro asks, “What exactly did the  Biden Regime work out with Mexico for this?”

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Secede Now
Secede Now
19 days ago

China is financing the drug cartels and taking the profits to purchase land in the U.S. China is now the largest landowner of U.S. farmland and our stinking government does nothing about it. To hell with this corrupt federal system. Secede now!

Secede Now
Secede Now
19 days ago

Members of Congress are largely bribed or blackmailed. California is running ads in Spanish and Chinese showing ballots being dropped in mailboxes and telling foreigners and illegals to vote in our elections.
Along with these ads are recruiting ads for the U.S. military telling young people to join up and patriotically defend our nation. Defend our nation? What nation…this shit-hole that is now part of the 3rd World?