PA voter fraud hearing: odd spikes, 50K votes missing, no chain of custody


We desperately need legitimate media. The MSM didn’t cover this hearing. They generally won’t report anything they disagree with, which is anything to the right of socialism. The following is from an off-site hearing by Republican senators in Pennsylvania. They are reporting USB cards with 50,000 votes were missing, there is no chain of custody for an entire county, there were odd spikes, poll workers were barred from observing, and more.

The man in the clip below wasn’t allowed in to the counting room to observe, and he’s a poll watcher. Why wasn’t he allowed into the room? Usually, they only do this because they are up to no good.

That poll worker testified at the hearing in the last video of the full hearing below.

Here is some of the testimony:

Data scientist testifies to missing USB cards.

All chain of custody is gone in Delaware County. This is massive, and there is no remedy for the President:

No procedures followed:

Charts (This drew laughter):

Right Side Broadcasting does do a good job. You can watch the full hearing here:

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