PA Hearing Shows 97 Percent of Dumped Ballots Went For Biden


A hearing today at the Pennsylvania State Legislature erupted in gasps and laughter today. It was revealed that 97 percent of 600,000 loaded ballots that were dumped after the election went for Biden. Only 3,200 went for Trump.

“That big spike there is a prime indicator of fraudulent voting,” said a member of Rudy Giuliani’s team.

The response from the gallery was loud and immediate.

The audible response tells the whole story.


CBS openly showed their bias in an article about today’s hearing. Filled with antagonism, it referred to the “public hearing in Gettysburg on election ‘issues and ‘irregularities’.” Those were CBS inserted quotation marks.

The article went on to say that President Trump “phoned in his false claims that he won swing states like Pennsylvania.” This was presented as a news article, not an opinion article, even though it was rife with caustic opinion words.

The arrogant article went on to state that, “All of the president’s false and unfounded statements will not be repeated in this article.”

Well, CBS didn’t include facts either! The author of the “news” article seemed angry and downright perturbed.

NBC News echoed the ire of the CBS article in their offering about today’s Pennsylvania State Legislature hearing. “Trump launched a breathless, 10-minute-long rant about election fraud,” the article’s author whined.


The reaction of the audience at the Pennsylvania State Legislature hearing today tells you all you need to know about what the people – not the news media – thinks about the 2020 election results. When 97 percent of people vote for anything, you know there’s fraud somewhere. Really, you couldn’t get 97 percent of Americans to say they like cute warm puppies.

Election officials and voters have come forward in the last few weeks with testimony and signed affidavits about voter fraud. But the fake news media is running the show. Or is it the circus?

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  1. Remember when Hillary had the six coin tosses in a row? Stats don’t apply to enlightened CPUSA being comrades.

    • 3200 votes of 570,000 votes is .5% not 3%. So the percentage of people that voted for Biden of the 570,000 was 99.5% not 97% using those numbers. Shocking!

  2. The false and seditious news media has become an enemy of the State. They are hand in glove with those who are trying to overthrow our Constitutional government through a rigged and unlawful election.

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