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The House of Representatives appears closer to moving to remote voting during the pandemic. We probably won’t see them again until Republicans take back the House. We will hear from them though, calling for mail-in voting since it’s more susceptible to fraud than other forms of voting.

The pandemic is even keeping deep state stooge, Jim Clapper, from testifying, although he said he would do it remotely. He’s not anxious to explain the Flynn unmasking. He won’t testify in D.C. until there’s a cure or a vaccine for the virus.

During the same interview, he said how “routine” it is to unmask Americans and then said he couldn’t “recall” what “prompted him” to unmask General Flynn.

Oh, sure Jim.

Filmmaker Eugene Jarecki, who helped make the documentary film, Freakonomics, put a coronavirus death toll tracker in Times Square and has dubbed it the “Trump Death Clock.”

Apparently, every single death from coronavirus is President Trump’s fault. Unfortunately for Jarecki, Times Square is empty.

Tom Frieden, a former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, says we’re in the five stages of grief with acceptance being the last. He paints a grim picture of our future, claiming the virus will never leave.

The media wants us fearful and submissive.

We now face massive unemployment and inflation. We panicked, with the help of a hysterical media, and we are becoming Venezuela.

Finally, we have new rules from the CDC:

The CDC has revised its rules for re-opening after the clamor over an outrageous plan that was rejected by the president. This one has six imperative and the ‘recommendations’ for religious institutions were removed for some reason.

CDC Guideline for reopening… by M Mali on Scribd

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Deplorable Kulak Untermenschen
Deplorable Kulak Untermenschen
3 years ago

So burnt out on Plandemic agitprop hype. A dear elder was in tears the other day after watching that crap for hours.
I told them to only watch in small doses or play some mahjong on the computer for awhile.
It is way past the point of horse flogging now enemedia scum.

Wayne Tilly
Wayne Tilly
3 years ago

How idiots like Eugene Jarecki, death toll tracker in Times Square and has dubbed it the “Trump Death Clock
Richard Head (I believe the alias of ‘E . J’ Abbreviation required) who only have left focused tunnel vision. Look at the Facts Dick,
France, Spain Italy, and the UK have over 578,000 deaths with a combined population of 238.000.000.
The USA has a population of 328.000 with 81,800 far lower than the estimated deaths talked about in March when the estimate was over a million. President Trump and the states that worked with him, ‘NOT AGAINST HIM’ would have seen a lower death total. America should be proud and stand tall with Australia, NZ compared to countries when compared to only the above four European countries. America is a success story when one looks at these figures. A great job done Mr. President, imagined the success story if all Americans were behind their President.