Cop who hid while kids were murdered was reinstated with full back pay


This is a crazy and shocking story. A fired Parkland BSO deputy was given his job back with full pay, according to the Miami Herald. If you remember, the shooting of 17 children and staff in Parkland exposed cowardly and incompetent school safety officers.

One of them was Sgt. Brian Miller who was fired for “neglect of duty.”

He was reinstated to his position in which he failed miserably and given full back pay.

Miller, 57, was paid $138,410.25 in 2017, according to the Sun-Sentinel. The BSO veteran had challenged the decision with union backing. An arbitration ruling found “BSO violated Sgt. Brian Miller’s constitutional due process rights and improperly terminated him,” the union said.

This is where union behavior becomes repugnant.

As Nicolas Cruz rampaged through the school murdering people, according to a report by the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Public Safety Commission, which investigated the shootings, Miller was the first supervisor to respond; he arrived as shots were being fired. He hid behind his police cruiser and did not radio in for 10 minutes.

Survivor Kyle Kashuv was irate:

Mr. Pollack, who lost his daughter, called it a slap in the face:



    • I won’t even tell you what cowardice in the face of the enemy would get you in the US Army back in 1965 or before!

  1. Comrade sobama set up the lax disciplinary standards that allowed Cruz to remain free.
    Chaos, fear, despair, misery, anarchy, all of these are the goals of the CPUSA in their unceasing zeal to destroy this republic as it was founded.

  2. Just thought of something that is not germane to this post, remember when Hussein Hopenchange said that he needed a civilian army…and along comes black panther Bobby Rush with the contact tracer 666 act.

  3. Another cowardly hog feeding at the government trough, getting paid by taxpayers to do a job he’s too scared to actually do. Bullies people but when the shit hits the fan runs and hides. No matter, he gets paid anyways. That’s how government works. This is how government works.

  4. I work for a police department, who they hell would rehire you, you coward, I sure as hell would’nt work with or around you.

  5. Yet another great example of how a beyond responsibility, legal community–subject only to its own self serving ‘logic’– can bring down a society.

  6. Not everyone has what it takes to be a police officer. Maybe he really thought he had it in him. No harm, no foul. But NOW you KNOW you don’t have what it takes. RESIGN!

  7. This disgusting pile of dog feces is a pathetic coward and a disgrace to the badge. The good citizens of that community should publicly shame him and spit in his direction when ever he shows his ugly face in public.

  8. Aren’t unions great? This guy cost children’s lives. He refused to perform his sworn duties and then he lied about it. Just shoot him. His back pay can go to the families of the victims.

  9. The entire “gun free zone” narrative is a fraud. Same with school safety officers who are not there primarily to protect but are there to befriend students. This cop was NOT trained to enter a building with no knowledge of the force he was encountering.

  10. This is why there should be no police at our schools. They are not there to protect anyone. Just there for looks,a good check and pension and to push kids around and create future snitches. How about we toss the cops out and bring back discipline?

  11. I won’t even tell you what cowardice in the face of the enemy would get you in the US Army back in the 1960’s !!

    • Hi Bob, we almost never censor and no one would censor you. I see three comments from you. Were there more?

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