Pandering Pelosi thanked George Floyd for ‘sacrificing his life’ for ‘justice’


Nancy Pelosi must be drunk. She thanked George Floyd for dying. It was so nice of him. Pelosi thanked him for “sacrificing his life” for “justice.” She wouldn’t know justice if it came charging on the back of a Rottweiler and bit her in the rump.

George Floyd did not sacrifice his life. He lost his life, probably due to drugs, morbidities, and stress due to his arrest. It’s hard to understand how he died from pressure to the neck when his oxygen level was at 98% and there were no bruises or marks of any kind on his neck.

Mr. Floyd didn’t willingly die. He died while high on drugs, enough to kill three people, and he was in poor health. Mr. Floyd tried to pass a counterfeit bill which led to the events ending in his death. His death was complicated by the arrest. The jury decided today that he was murdered.

Watch crazy Nan:

The Left is now infuriated with Pelosi. A few samples:

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