Commies in Minneapolis look like they’ll riot anyway


Steve Scalise, who was literally shot after the would-be killer heard dangerous rhetoric, said, “Every single House Democrat just voted to stand with Maxine Waters. They made it clear: Democrats are fine with Democrat politicians inciting violence and chaos.”

That should tell you who and what the party of love is really about today.

Joe Biden loves the verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial. He said, “We can’t stop here.”

Then he said, “It can be a giant step forward” in the fight against systemic racism.

Biden is pushing Critical Race Theory in schools, businesses, and government. He and his party are instilling systemic racism. They are the only ones perpetuating systemic racism.

There is nothing in the Chauvin trial to suggest racism.

They are fomenting riots by communists and anarchists. In fact, it looks like the loons will riot tonight despite the verdict. The commies are rioting in several cities, allegedly over Duante Wright, a gangbanger shot by accident, and Breonna who was caught in the line of fire.

The commie loons, mostly white, are mobbing a truck and an innocent driver. Reginald Denny, anyone?


Ami Horowitz interviewed the people who want to burn the city down. It’s hard to remember when the USA was normal, before we entered the dark, dystopian world of the Left.

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