Pandering Warren wants to give REPARATIONS to gay couples


Democrats are promising free everything and some want reparations from innocent people for anyone who has a grievance. They can’t stop dividing us and spending our money. It’s what they do. It’s al they do

After Democrats held their House hearing pandering for reparations for African-Americans, Elizabeth Warren pandered to homosexuals.

On Thursday, a day after the reparations hearing, 2020 Sen. Warren, a fake Indian, unveiled a bill, the so-called Refund Equality Act, that would if signed into law, effectively force the government to dole out reparations to gay couples.


She wants to give them retroactive tax credits for no good reason.

“According to NBC News, that’s approximately $57 million in total owed to countless couples who weren’t able to jointly file federal tax returns prior to the Supreme Court’s decision.”

We are in debt. Someone tell this woman! She wants to give money to every victim or anything. They should get the money from her.

If they get that, I want my money for laws that changed the oppressive taxes and killed my income.

The only thing Democrats have to offer is more freebies.


According to a press release by Warren’s office, 42 other Democratic senators have cosponsored the bill, including Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. Moreover, Rep. Judy Chu has reportedly introduced the same bill in the House.

Since she came up with her new giveaway, she’s faced criticism on social media, some of it from the gay community. She’s also been mocked.

She wants to give free everything, add wealth taxes, and dole out reparations! What a buffoon. We need to cut, not add programs that will divide the nation more and cost us money we don’t have.

The socialist Warren panders to every single special interest group.

STHU Warren!

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Stu Pedasso
Stu Pedasso
3 years ago

I am an old white guy who has been working my butt off since I was 12 years old and paying taxes to support all those n’er-do-wells who were too lazy to work. I could use some reparations too so I can afford to buy a new diesel 4×4 pickup. Mine is almost 20 years old and the CD player no longer works. ; – )

John Vieira
3 years ago

She and her ilk can give THEIR salaries and accumulated wealth in all the reparations their silly little minds desire…but keep their sticky grasping little crooked fingers OUT of the taxpayers contributions…their “welfare” pay cheques are enough of an ‘affront’….

3 years ago

All these clowns running for the Dems are just throwing out free cookies and carrots for votes, that’s all this is, I have watched this BS for decades, how many times have WE THE PEOPLE have heard about “Comprehensive immigration reform” exactly WTH is Comprehensive Immigration reform??? just tricky little words to keep the BS going!!!!!!

herbert r richmond
3 years ago

She is taking advantage of our newly erected ‘Victimhood Culture,’ to give the gay lifestyle a kind of honor and dignity, a moral status, deserving of being rewarded financial restitution for being not noticed for decades.