Nancy’s Follies timed to compete with amazing trade deals


The media completely ignored the President’s trade deals, but not the impeachment that few Americans care about. Nancy Pelosi timed her impeachment with the signing of those deals. She thinks she’s a brilliant strategist and Americans wouldn’t notice her connivances. This will one day be known as Nancy’s Follies.

The President signing the UNSMCA trade deal with Mexico and Canada is a very big deal. It’s not perfect and will need to be updated as time goes on, but for now, it’s great for the U.S. The problem for America is prior presidents never bothered to update our trade deals with anyone.

The President also signed a part one deal with China, which is an outstanding achievement, and they are working on part two as we speak.

The President has tweeted furiously about it and the media is ignoring it, as they ignore all his successes.

The USMCA was overwhelmingly passed by the Senate in an 89-10 vote on Thursday just before two articles of impeachment against the president were delivered.


As the press secretary said, the President is signing historic trade deals while Democrats whine.

ABC, CBS, and NBC did not bother to address the trade agreement during their evening news broadcasts.

According to the Media Research Center:

While the networks refused to cover the USMCA they dedicated a large chunk of time to impeachment: 19 minutes and three seconds of combined airtime. NBC Nightly News had the most at almost seven minutes (6:58). ABC’s World News Tonight came in seconds with six minutes, 36 seconds. And CBS Evening News brought up the rear at five minutes, 29 seconds.

Fox News did address it, along with the outstanding stock market numbers.

Speaker Pelosi deliberately timed her announcement of impeachment managers with the signing. She’s a small, little woman.


U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross praised the historic U.S.-China trade deal and the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement signings on Thursday.

Appearing on Fox Business Network’s “Lou Dobbs Tonight,” Ross said the president has turned back any thoughts of an economic downturn in 2020 and that should help the President in 2020.

“Whatever fears people might have had of a recession next year, forget it,” Ross said. “I think that’s almost mechanically impossible to have a recession next year.”

This is the consensus of Market Watch and Goldman Sachs as well — no recession.

Although the Federal Reserve could do harm.

“If the Federal Reserve goes crazy and raises rates, could be all bets are off,” Ross said.

He also said this strengthens his hand with future trading partners.

Ross added that China isn’t taking the impeachment seriously or would never have gone ahead with this deal.




  1. Don’t worry, Canada noticed the trade deal and seemed pleased with it. As to the impeachment, there are rumours that Canadians are slowly realizing that Trump is being shafted by the Dems. That doesn’t include the PM and his Liberals though, but then he doesn’t count. He is as bad as Pelosi for dealings.

  2. Communists do NOT take losing well as evidenced by the Democrats multiple attempts to derail our duly elected POTUS. Stalin is on record saying that it does NOT matter who wins an election. It ONLY matters who counts the votes.

    Does this general attitude seem familiar to Democrat/Socialist/Progressives philosophy?

  3. The dems are sheep being led by a misfit. It is similar to Ryan leading his sheep to certain defeat in 2018. Nancy wants to make herself a hero as her career ends, her self centered goals control the house agenda.

  4. The trade deals are an historic step forward for America and the world presenting opportunity to prosper and grow.Reaching out to nations by creating a fair deal so that both the US and China benefit is a major step toward peace.Creating jobs where people can work and provide for themselves and their families gives a person a feeling of accomplishment and dignity as opposed to living off the government dole on their oppressive plantation of dependency and despair.
    To hell with Pelosi and her minions of malcontents and obstructionists. She’s not only a slurring drunk she’s drunk with the power of her title; SOTH, Senile Ossified Treacherous Hag. Nancy will be relegated to the anal orifice of history and listed as a synonym for deranged.

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