Parents’ Right to Decide Children’s ‘Upbringing, Education and Care’ Opposed by VA Dems


Glenn Youngkin, Virginia’s new Republican governor, delivered his State of the Commonwealth Address to a joint session of the state’s General Assembly on Monday in Richmond.

Youngkin called for raises for teachers which went over well with both parties. When it came to parents having the primary role in their child’s education, the reactions were very different.

Governor Youngkin said parents are responsible for their children’s education and care and the state will protect those rights.

“We must also recognize that the people most responsible for a child’s education are parents,” the new governor said.

“My message to parents is this: You have a fundamental right enshrined in law by this General Assembly to make decisions with regard to your child’s upbringing, education, and care, and we will protect and reassert that right,” he said.

Republicans gave Governor Youngkin a standing ovation and Democrats sat stony-faced and silent. Apparently, Democrats don’t think parents should be in charge of their children. Do they really want to turn their children over to the State? Many of them sat on their hands as you can see in this clip.

Judging by their reaction, Democrats are opposed to the rights of parents to decide their child’s “upbringing, education, and care.”

That’s everything in a child’s life. Democrats think the government should decide how children are raised and educated.

This is where Democrats are taking us and you should be terrified. It’s clear that this is what they want and where they are headed.


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2 years ago

Godless Communist Democrat Liberal Losers are central planners. They do not believe in parent’s rights or any inalienable right. Godless Communist Democrat Liberal Losers believe that all rights come from Government and the Oligarchy which controls Government will decide those rights as they see fit.

Hans Strudel
Hans Strudel
2 years ago

All your children are belong to us says the CPUSA as they mask them up for profit.
Here are some chapters on Karl Marx, Lenin, and here is a pornographic textbook too dirty for the store along the interstate.
Evil is going on.