Parkland Student Sends Out a Vile Racist Tweet


Parkland, Fla., student Emma González, who became famous for capitalizing on the deaths of her classmates, took to Twitter Friday to urge Americans to call their senators to oppose Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

She used her platform of 1.6 million followers to argue that America “deserves more than a privileged white boy who’s spent his whole life over-drinking,” slamming the performance of President Trump’s second high court pick in a hearing the day before.

There is no evidence he was “privileged” or “spent his whole lie over-drinking,” but that doesn’t get in the way of racists who don’t need evidence to defame people.

The left has been mocking Judge Kavanaugh after his impassioned speech, claiming he has a bad temperament. The left is ruining his life and they expect him to not be angry. When he was low-key during the interview with Martha MacCallum, they mocked that.

By all accounts, he is an even-tempered, fair judge.

Gonzalez joined in mockery with a retweet of carefully-selected photos by someone who would make a great yellow journalist.

Radical Emma and her leftist buddies are out to destroy the Second Amendment and support all things far-left.

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