Credible Christine Blasey Ford Might Have Told Another Fib


We pointed to some of “credible Christine’s” lies during her testimony Thursday but there might be more that we missed. We did it despite the fact that this goes against the groupthink in our Orwellian world where no matter what the facts or evidence show, we are heartless if we don’t believe the latest Democrat victim class.

She told several fibs around her fear of flying yesterday and one of the things she mentioned is she became claustrophobic after the alleged incident with Brett Kavanaugh. So much so that she had to put two front doors on her house.

It turns out that was probably a lie. She said she remodeled her home in 2012 and that was the event which helped bring the trauma back to her consciousness. As a result, she needed “an escape door”. Why was the permit issued in 2008 then?

Credible Christine Blasey Ford doesn’t know if she’s paying her lawyers or not?

Credible Christine is getting paid very well through GoFundMe. There are at least two GoFundMe pages with more than $700,000 so far. It’s a scam and a good way to pay off operatives. She might be an operative or just someone they used, but she will make money on the deal.

Blasey Ford brought forth NO evidence. We hang people with no evidence now. Breitbart pointed to more holes in her story on this link.

How dare the media and politicians shove groupthink down our throats. Chris Wallace on Fox News called Ford credible so many times it reached a new level of absurdity. All the while, she had no evidence and told several obvious untruths.


Reasons to Not Trust Ms. Blasey After Her Testimony

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