Parler faces extinction at a moment’s notice


A group claiming to represent Amazon Cloud employees demanded in a tweet that the service drop Parler. Parler is a popular app for Trump supporters. If Amazon drops Parler, it would be devastating for them.

“We cannot be complicit in more bloodshed and violent attacks on our democracy,” Amazon employees wrote in a tweet.

These are the same people who have no problem with Twitter leaving up the Ayatollah’s threats to kill US soldiers. They are the same people who don’t care that ‘Hang Pence’ is trending.

In a tweet on Saturday, employee advocacy group Amazon Employees for Climate Justice said Amazon Web Services should “deny Parler services until it removes posts inciting violence, including at the Presidential inauguration.” AWS provides cloud services to Parler that host its website.

If Amazon wants to drop them, this gives them an excuse. The group did get CEO Jeff Bezos to become involved in climate justice after a walkout last year.

This comes after Google Play dropped Parler from Android. Apple is threatening to do the same.

Parler is competition for Twitter.

Parler, which launched in 2018, has emerged as a popular platform for President Trump’s allies in the last year by billing itself as a free-speech alternative to mainstream social media services like Twitter and Facebook.

Parler has just become the number one app in the Apple app store.

The popular Medias Touch, a nasty, progressive Twitter profile, tweeted, “Newsmax and OANN’s apps and social media accounts should also be banned across all platforms.”

Greg Gutfeld, like Dan Bongino, posted his last tweet:



  1. Show me on this doll where the Parler hurt you. It’s alright snowflake vee vill keep you safe from wrongthink and bad feelz.
    Here is your participaton trophy and post up a tweet about how essential you are to mommygov so that the other comrades will be impressed and fall in line.
    Maybe make a cute Instagram video to show what an edgy free thinking rebel that you are!
    Forward. Yes we can!

  2. I don’t use Twitter FB or Amazon. I don’t need, use, want or need any of that crap. I don’t buy anything or transact any form of business on the internet. as I don’t trust, or give a damn about any of them. Unlike so many who have been indoctrinated by this form of manipulation and control in true Pavlovian response and set themselves free of their choke chain and dog collar. It’s a liability not an asset. Break the habit and set yourselves free. Don’t buy anything they advertise. Take their source of revenue away and watch them drop like a rock off a cliff. I hop[e people begin to realize this was their Marxist /Nazi plan for a takeover from the onset. Read history, it will prove this is true.

    • I was just thinking the same thing. I never use FB, Twitter (or Parler). But I do own Apple products, MS products and shop at Amazon. Thinking I may do a pile of Amazon returns for recent purchases and then delete my account. I don’t see a point in shopping with companies that hate my ability to think freely. F ‘em. They really aren’t as irreplaceable as they think. Phones can be rooted. And I am definitely canceling all plans to buy several new iphones for my family. Our previous models are actually easier to root, anyway.

  3. Stop whinning about Big Tech and remember just one thing,”Justice only comes from a mouth of a gun.” We have the guns and now is the time to use them before we are disarmed and permanently enslaved.

  4. Effective Jan. 10 it appears. Everyone who has a Prime account should now close down those accounts. Sadly the right seldom takes such action. They moan a little and go on.

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