Parler’s Gone! It Will Come Back as Something Else


The conservative app Parler is gone – for now. It was bought by another company named Starboard which said no one sees a Twitter clone just for conservatives as a viable business model. They had 700,000 members, compared with TruthSocial, which has over 2 million. They plan to bring it back after it’s revamped. There is no scheduled date for its return.

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Starboard founder and CEO Ryan Coyne said that Parler is “going to take a breath of fresh air.”

Starboard isn’t denouncing conservatism, and they praised outgoing CEO George Farmer, Candace Owen’s husband, for his IT work. George is rich so don’t worry about where he ends up.

Starboard, formerly Olympic Media, owns right-leaning sites American Wire and BizPac Review.

“Parler’s large user base and additional strategic assets represent an enormous opportunity for Starboard to continue to build aggressively in our media and publishing business,” Ryan Coyne, CEO of Starboard, said in a statement.

Advancements in AI technology, along with the existing code base and other new features, provide an opportunity for Starboard to begin servicing unsupported online communities – building a home for them away from the ad-hoc regulatory hand of platforms that hate them.

“The team at Parler has built an exceptional audience, and we look forward to integrating that audience across all of our existing platforms,” he added.

It took off five years ago, but when J6 took place, it was a good excuse for the Left to take it down. They claimed the J6 rioters and paraders planned the riot on Parler. That wasn’t true, and most of the crazy back-and-forth was on Facebook.

In the press announcement on Friday, Starboard referred to Parler as “the world’s pioneering uncancelable free speech platform.”

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