Parts of Biden’s Pier Floated Off Again & Now It’s Sinking


Biden’s pier was a $320 million target for Hamas rockets for about a week. No humanitarian aid was delivered, and Hamas managed to steal some of it. Then, the pier floated off in bad weather and rough seas. Pieces of it beached. Ships trying to save it were beached.

That’s not all! The pieces of the beached pier broke loose and floated off to sea again, where they appear to be sinking.

It cost taxpayers only a dollar a person (counting babies and children) to build and lasted about a week.

This is a perfect analogy for the Democrat Progressive government.

@prestonstewThe Gaza pier looks to be sinking♬ original sound – Preston Stewart

The other day, four US vessels became unmoored from the Democrat pier, with two anchored on the Gaza beach. According to a CENTCOM report, a tugboat and landing craft washed ashore in Ashdod, Israel. The Israeli Navy assisted those two vessels.

Earlier, three US servicemen were injured at the pier, including one serious injury, with the serviceman being hospitalized.

The injuries were not due to combat but the Bidenista pier debacle.

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